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What's in Your Locket?

What's in your locket celebrates the timeless locket and the people that wear it.

Monica Rich Kosann and the MRKstyle editorial team styled and photographed people on the street, as well as a group of popular New York tastemakers, sporting our sterling silver locket different ways, while answering the question "What's in your locket?."

Submit photographs of yourself with your personal locket and an answer to the question "What's in your Locket?" (See Guidelines)


We are pleased to present WHAT'S IN YOUR LOCKET, our digital campaign celebrating the unique stories in our individual lockets. Our own team has photographed a great group of people and tastemakers, and a class of students from FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) have photographed their peers and people on the street, all the time posing the same question: WHAT'S IN YOUR LOCKET.

We invite you to submit your own photos of you or someone wearing a locket, along with the first name of you or your subject, and the answer to the question: WHAT'S IN YOUR LOCKET?

Here are the Guidelines that outline what we consider acceptable and unacceptable content. We may update the Guidelines from time to time, so please review each time you submit content.


1: What's in Your Locket

The purpose of our WHAT'S IN YOUR LOCKET campaign is to capture the story of your locket. We welcome your submissions (photographs, profile and comments) to our site by emailing us at and we will post what we deem acceptable material. Submissions may also be made through our Facebook page. You can also participate in the campaign through your own Twitter and Instagram pages using #whatsinyourlocket.

2: Keep it Appropriate

Please help us maintain high standards of participation by keeping all submissions and participation appropriate. If you consider that any content posted to our site is inappropriate, please let us know.

3: Names & Language

We only will post first names. We are seeking fun comments about what is/would be in your locket. Please be polite and don't use offensive language.

4: No impersonation

Please do not pretend to be someone else. Please provide us with accurate information regarding your identity or the identity of the subject in the photograph.

5: No copyright infringement

You must not submit content which would be an infringement of any copyright. Any material that we find later to be an infringement will be deleted immediately.

6: Submitting photographs

To submit a photograph to our site, you must comply with our Terms and Guidelines. We will use our judgment when selecting photographs for inclusion on our site. Please do not email us asking why your photograph has not been selected. We are sorry we cannot include all submissions. Only high quality images are likely to be accepted. We are only looking for images of people wearing their locket. We may edit or crop the image you submit at our discretion.
If you wish to submit a photograph to us, you must have taken the picture yourself or had it taken of you and own the copyright to the photograph. Do not send us photographs that you have copied from somewhere else. If someone else took the photograph of you, you must obtain their permission to submit it and have it posted to our site.
Before you send us any photographs, please be sure the person in the picture is happy to appear on our Site. You should obtain the person's consent to being photographed and appearing on the Site.

7: Deleting Content

Submitted content that we determine at any point to be counter to our Guidelines may be removed at any point.